Introduction To Arboles

Arboles is one of the largest independent suppliers of laboratory taps for gas and water services, emergency showers and eyewashes in the UK.

We pride ourselves on providing a broad product range of durable, high quality, dependable products, all of which come with formal accreditations and five years warranty.

Arboles UK Ltd was established in the UK over twenty years ago and have been at the forefront of the laboratory market from the start rendering us true experts in our field.

During this time, we have also supplied for major companies and projects worldwide and earned ourselves a global export reputation.

What we do

Our laboratory packages for education facilities offer an all in one solution for architects involved in the planning and design of educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities, but it’s not just educational facilities that we supply.

A number of other industries also place their confidence in us, including:

  • Research and development centres
  • Chemical plants
  • Health and safety companies
  • Private enterprise laboratories
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) companies
  • Facilities management companies
  • Independent plumbers and industrial plumbing merchants

We are the only manufacturer to provide a Type AUK3 Category 5, Higher Risk Tap Gap. The only true anti syphon nozzle approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Providing exceptional customer support is one of the pillars of our foundation, owing to our loyal clients and the longevity of our establishment. That’s why we provide our clients with on and off-site technical assistance, so they can benefit directly from our 60+ years of hands on experience and knowledge.

We also offer next day delivery on the majority of our products, perfect for ordering emergency washing devices on short notice or replacing broken lab equipment.

For further information about our products and services you can browse our full range of products or get in touch with us to request a brochure or find out more about how we can meet your needs.