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Arboles UK, Sustainability & The Environment

It’s not something that we regularly discuss in our line of work, but with us all starting to do our bit towards reducing climate change we feel that there are a couple of points that we think you should know about us, our responsibility and our best practices.

At Arboles UK we’re committed to creating, practicing responsible and ethical sourcing of our components. Believing that corporate responsibility is good for all businesses, wherever possible, we try to ensure that our manufacturing is environmentally aware and utilises sustainable materials, services and practices. We use recycled paper, refurbished print cartridges, recycled product cards and other materials.

We actively partner with suppliers who share our ideas about corporate responsibility. Our environmental impact is always on the forefront of our minds. Our carbon footprint is kept to a bare minimum, we’re efficient in our use of fuel, electricity and materials.

Within our manufacturing process careful selection of product materials are selected for their recyclable properties and maximum green efficiency.

The Rilsan coating that is on our taps and showers is from a high performing family of polyamides which is derived from renewable feed stock (Castor oil). This makes it lightweight, renewable, durable (which makes it perfect for harsh environments!) and recyclable.

The ceramic sinks we supply are totally recyclable. It’s worth noting that our Belfast and Laboratory sinks are a hard-wearing glaze which is applied to every sink has been proven to reduce bacterial colonies of E-Coli and MRSA by 99.99% over a 24 hour period and were classified as excellent in this area, which makes our sinks ideal for healthcare and school installations.


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