Arboles UK & The Importance of Certification

Arboles UK & The Importance of Certification


We all know the importance of certification. It enables customers and potential customers to make informed decisions, evaluate products and it increases relevancy to the industry whatever it may be.

From a manufacturers perspective (which is us!) certification is very important. It provides our customers peace of mind that we take the products seriously, that we invest time and money in getting our ranges approved. Certification improves our reputation and marketability as it puts our money where our mouth is with the integrity of our company and products. We believe that when you’re investing your money in us you need the confidence that you’re purchasing the right product for the job and our certification goes a significant way to help you make that decision.

Given the nature of what our products (laboratory gas taps, laboratory water taps, emergency eye washes, emergency showers, fume cupboard valves and Vulcathene) are used for it has been a very prudent and wise journey for us that is always on going.

Our big sellers such as the 900033 2 way drop lever gas tap, 900100 anti siphon nozzle, 9020103 – swan neck laboratory tap along with all our range carry, meet and exceed current standards.

Have a look at our certifications page here and our warranty page here

Our drop lever gas tap carries the prestigious British Gas certifications and all our tap components are WRAS certified. Our emergency shower and eyewashes carry ANSI, EN 15154, APPLUS, DVGW and comply with these standards.

Products aside, as a company we carry ISO accreditations and Gas Safe again re-enforcing the fact that we are a properly managed company that can support you fully.

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