Arboles UK – Why our innovations matter to you!

Arboles UK have been supplying laboratory water taps and laboratory gas taps for the past 20+ years to the UK and beyond. We operate on a ‘set and forget’ philosophy keeping the amount of interruption and install time down to an absolute minimum.

We’ve added several innovations over the years that help extend the longevity of the product and make it that bit tougher to survive the sometimes tough environment of the classroom!

Starting at the bottom up……

We operate on a 3/8” shank on our gas taps and a 1/2” shank on our water taps which is slightly over sized, BUT this provides an inherent increase in the strength of the tap.

On the underside of the base ring you’ll find an anti rotation pin which is brazed into place which eradicates the need for a separate mounting plate. All taps come with an installation template to ensure that perfect fit. If you’re automating the drilling process, this can also be programmed into your machining too. The purpose of the anti rotation pin is to prevent the tap being twisted from the bench.

Our laboratory taps are finished with a fully recyclable and sustainable Rilsan coating. For the nerds out there, it is between 250-300 microns thick. What this means is that the taps (and showers!) are incredibly chemical resistant and with the thickness of the Rilsan makes it tough to scratch – ideal for the classroom environment!

The tubing on our water taps has a MASSIVE 4mm wall section. This keeps it sturdy and incredibly resistant to bending. Again, holding it’s own in the toughest of environments.

We always suggest the drop lever gas taps such as the 900033 (click for link) in the education sector. A teacher can quickly conduct a visual inspection to see if any of the taps have been left in the on position. The drop levers are in a high visibility yellow, so it’s really easy to see any that have been left on.

To harden the drop lever gas taps that bit more you have the option to have an NRV or Non Return Valve. Have a look at the 900034-NRV and the 900033-NRV. The NRV is there to prevent the flooding of your gas supply should someone use a hose to connect the gas and water taps up and turn both of them on! Another feature of the NRV is that a small barrel screw is inserted into the nozzle and can be wound out with an Allen key to clean off – this extends the taps longevity and keeps your maintenance fees down to a minimum. This screw doesn’t affect the gas flow rate either. The barrel screws are available for the regular drop lever gas taps too.

All our products come with a comprehensive five year warranty and carry appropriate certifications.

Any questions, please give us a shout on 0044 (0) 1204 388 814 or get in touch with us via our Contact Us page