On site and need access to installation instructions? Read on!

Arboles UK – Installation instructions for our emergency devices are available online.

You’re on site installing a product you’ve never seen before, the instructions have been lost somewhere. You’re picking up your colleagues work as they have gone on holiday (holidays – do you remember them?!) and the installation documents have been put in one of those safe places that you’ll never be able to find….. or all the documents you need have been thrown away with the packaging!

It happens, we know! We receive a steady number of calls that describe the above situations each month. As you all know by now we’re fanatical about customer service and we want to make life as simple as we can for our customers. SO….We’ve added a download ‘installation instructions’ button to our site to help you out!

You are now able to download BIM files, product datasheets and installation instructions from the buttons available on the product.

The emergency shower and emergency eyewash instructions are presented in the gold standard of documents – the PDF. You can zoom in and if you get stuck we’ve put all our contact details on there too!

Give one of our core products a try, the floor mounted shower and eyewash, the 4220!

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