Vulcathene Product Update

The keen eyed amongst you will have seen that the Durapipe Vulcathene range has changed ever so slightly over the past few weeks.

Dimension wise they are exactly the same. The only change being that the mechanical nut has changed from black to purple!

The reason for this is to help specifiers distinguish easily between genuine Vulcathene products and cheaper imitations. This helps ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Below are a couple of examples:

Arboles UK - Vulcathene Trap - V1068101 - Purple Nut

This is the V1068101 (2.3l Dilution Recovery Trap)

Arboles UK - Vulcathene Traps - New Purple Nut

The V1068101 along side the V1056101

Arboles UK - Vulcathene Trap V1056101 - New Purple Nut

The V1056101 (Anti Siphon Bottle Trap)

The products are still made of Polypropylene and still possess the robust chemical resistant properties you’re used to.

Vulcathene is a plumbing system that has been installed thousands of laboratories, schools, universities, hospitals and research facilities over the past 60 years!

  • The range is purposed designed for chemical drainage
  • Mechanical jointing methods
  • Fully BBA approved
  • BIM files available

You’ll begin to see these ship more and more from us over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions on the range please get in touch on 00 44 (0) 1204 388 814 or use the Contact Page.