Arboles UK: Christmas Holiday 2021

Arboles UK Christmas Holiday
Castleton, High Peak, Derbyshire.

Well folks it’s that time of year again and how quickly has it come around?! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago since the last Christmas announcement was being penned!

We at Arboles UK would like to thank you for your continued support and custom over 2021. We really do appreciate it!

For the Christmas break we’ll be downing tools and closing on Thursday, 23rd December at noon.

The last despatch day will be Tuesday, 21st December.

We’ll be back open on Tuesday, 4th January 2022 (!) at 0730.

If you need to contact us over this period, please email sales[at] or send us a message via our Contact page and we’ll respond on our return.

Once again, The Arboles UK team would like to thank you for all your business and we wish you a very happy Christmas and a superb 2022!

ARB-TS350: Small & Punchy!

Emergency tank fed drench shower with eye bath and walk on platform operation
Emergency tank fed drench shower with eye bath and walk on platform operation

Let us introduce our new emergency tank fed shower – the ARB-TS350 has a smaller footprint and offers 350L feed which gives just over 5 minutes of deluge. The safety shower comes with an eyewash that can be placed on either side.

The shower boasts the usual 304 stainless steel frame with a GRP tanks and panels.

If you’re short on space this could be a viable option for you!

Have a look at it and if you have ay questions – you know where we are – Contact Us.

Arboles UK, Safety Showers & the ANSI Standard

Unsure about the ANSI requirements for your emergency shower or eyewash? Read on!

ANSI approved Emergency Shower
The Arboles UK P4 ANSI approved tank fed emergency shower

The Arboles UK range of emergency devices are designed to meet and exceed the current standards for EN (European), APPLUS (American) DIN, DVGW (German) and the much coveted ANSI. 

The ANSI standard that governs our realm of safety showers and eyewashes is the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 and we’ve created a brief guide that will help you when looking for your shower / eyewash solution. This is by no means an exhaustive guide, it is more of a bite size chunk to get you started. You can refer to the complete standard here for a full list of requirements. 

Arboles UK - 4250 - Emergency Shower with Trace Heating
Arboles UK – 4250 – Emergency Shower with Trace Heating

Safety Showers / Eyewashes / Tank Fed / Portable safety units 

  • All units must be located within 10 seconds OR 15 meters of a potential hazard 
  • Access must be clutter and obstacle free 
  • All units should be illuminated correctly and/or be highly visible along with signage 
  • Any doors fitted must not have a lock and must open in the direction toward the emergency device 
  • All units must be visually inspected AND activated weekly to flush any debris and also to ensure the device is in optimal working order 
  • All units must be serviced manually to assure conformance to above standard 
  • All employees who may be subject to hazardous substances must be trained in the use and locations of the devices 

Safety Showers 

  • Must be capable of delivering 75.7 litres per minute for 15 minutes 
  • Tepid water is suggested (16°C – 38 °C) to prevent thermal shock and ensure casualties can use the shower for the full duration of 15 minutes 
  • The shower head is between 208 – 244cm from the floor 
    Stay open valve (hands free) activates in one second or less 
  • Shower actuators no higher than 173cm from the floor 

Arboles UK - Trace Heated and Insulated Emergency Shower
Emergency Eyewash


  • Eyewash must deliver 11.4 litres per minute for 15 minutes 
  • Self contained eyewash shall deliver 1.5 litres per minute for 15 minutes 
  • Eyewash heads must be positioned between 84 – 114cm from the floor 
  • Eyewash heads to be protected from airborne contaminants  
  • Actuator to be easily accessible 

If you would like expert advice in designing your solution, please contact the Arboles UK team on 0044 (0) 1204 388 814 or via Contact Us.

New Product Range Alert! Trace Heated Insulated Outdoor Emergency Showers & Eyewashes!

Arboles UK - Trace Heated and Insulated Emergency Shower
Arboles UK – Trace Heated and Insulated Emergency Shower

Let’s talk about our outdoor emergency showers. Over the last year we have been working on designing a flexible range of outdoor, frost proof, freeze proof, trace heated and insulated showers. The remit was pretty straightforward. A simple flexible product that offers performance in the depths of the UK winter!

We already have the emergency shower range that is ideal for indoor applications, so why not build on this? That would be the most logical path right? So, that’s exactly what we have done! We’ve taken the ‘core’ range of our emergency showers and developed a trace heated and insulated solution that gives you a robust, hardy and solid performing set of products geared towards the harshest of UK climates.

For true outdoor performance we have added stainless steel shower heads and shower bowls. This modification means that no matter how long the shower sits in direct sunlight they won’t fade or degrade or split when the cold weather moves in.

The trace heating kit is super simple: An electric thermostat coil that clips to the pipework, wraps around the valves preventing any freezing of the components. The trace heating automatically switches on at zero and switches off at plus three. The kit is IP65 rated and runs at 230V. On top of the trace heated coil sits thick foam insulation wrapped with a UV resistant plastic jacket. This jacket is in high visibility yellow, it is scuff proof and again impervious to direct sunlight!

So where does the flexibility come in? Having designed this solution off the back of an already successful range of showers it means that the trace heating and insulation kit can be easily retrofitted to any existing model of the popular 4220, 4250, 1110 and 1120. These showers can be moved outside, trace heating kit installed and a quick change of shower head and bowl and you have a fully functioning outdoor shower! Obviously the trace heating kit is sold separately to achieve this – more good news for you!

The complete outdoor emergency shower range falls into four products. Three are floor mounted emergency showers and one is a wall mounted drench shower. See the gallery below where you’ll get direct links to the products:

1110 AW – Wall mounted drench shower

4220 AW – Floor mounted drench shower with eyewash

4250 AW – Floor mounted safety shower with treadle operated eyewash

1120 AW – Floor mounted safety shower

Like all our emergency device products they come with ANSI, EN15154-2 and DVGW certifications along with a comprehensive five year warranty.

As always, any questions please get in touch with us via Contact Us

Arboles UK – Taking care of your ceramic sink

A really quick post this one, but no less important!

No matter what ceramic sink you have from us whether it’s the Belfast, the Laboratory / Larch or the Utility sink they all need caring for!

Whilst our range of sinks boast properties such as anti bacterial, heat and impact proof and chemical resistant, like us all, they sometimes they need a bit of TLC especially when exposed to the school laboratory!

To keep your sinks looking at their best, we recommend it be cleaned daily using a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning product. A simple solution of soap and water generally does an excellent job or you can use baking soda too. Our sinks are handcrafted, as such the graduation can be subtle and may not drain in the same way you are accustomed to. On occasion you may need to wipe the bottom of your sink dry.

Yes, it’s that simple and straightforward – just how we like it!

Don’t forget that all the sinks we supply were chosen so that are perfectly compatible with our range of laboratory taps.

A school laboratory featuring science taps from Arboles UK
A school laboratory featuring Arboles UK laboratory taps

As always, if you have any questions about your products please contact us.

The Arboles UK team.

Arboles UK – Unsure what style laboratory taps are out there? Read on!

A School Laboratory Featuring Arboles UK Laboratory Taps
A School Laboratory Featuring Arboles UK Laboratory Taps

It’s that time of year again where laboratory refits and new labs are being designed. Whether you’re matching up to existing lab taps or you need a new range completely we have a product that will fit your needs guaranteed!

Let’s take the education market as a first, so schools, colleges and universities. There isn’t any real ‘dark art’ to these projects and they are usually pretty straightforward. Many of our customers go down the ‘cookie cutter’ route which keeps the product set relatively small and consistent. This helps everyone from the designers right the way along to the fitters.

A school laboratory finished and ready for action
A finished school laboratory finished utilising lab taps and Vulcathene drainage from Arboles UK

Laboratory water taps are normally one of three configurations and generally bench mounted.

Water Taps

You can have fixed nozzles or removable nozzles depending on your preference. There are advantages for both. The fixed nozzle laboratory taps are great if you want to connect a hose to the tap. The removable nozzle tap offers a bit more flexibility in terms of functionality. You can still connect a hose, but you can also change the nozzle to an aerator should you wish. Also, the removable nozzles offer a degree of ‘futureproofing’ in terms of the AUK 3 Category 5 standard (want to know a bit more about back siphonage / anti siphon / AUK3 Category 5? Click here) There is also the option for lever action operation on our taps.

The swan neck is incredibly popular across all laboratories. It’s simple design is reliable and functional.

The pillar bib tap is also a popular favourite. These can be configured with the fixed and removable nozzles and are fine for either hot and cold water. The only main difference being is that the hand wheel is on the top of the tap rather than the side. This tap is generally dictated by the customers preference.

Do you have a requirement for a mixer tap? We have you covered! We offer two styles of body. The monobloc mixer tap where the body is one unit and the ‘H’ pattern mixer tap which resemble rugby posts! Like all our taps these are highly configurable with options such as lever action, fixed nozzle, removable nozzle, aerator nozzles, extended reach…..

Doing something funky with special and demineralised waters? We can supply recirculating lab taps and plastic lined so there isn’t any reaction with the tap. Have a look here. This can be a tricky area, so if you’re unsure please give us a shout and run your scenario by us. Contact Us.

Gas Taps

If the gas tap are going into schools and colleges then we will recommend the drop lever gas taps all day long! They are tough hard wearing, fit for purpose and carry the VERY prestigious BSI British Gas certification. The drop lever is in a high visibility yellow which allows the teacher to quickly scan the room and identify if any have been left in the ‘on position. The design hasn’t changed in 30 years and that is why – it is totally reliable and it works.

For R&D laboratories and universities the push turn is recommended so you can fine tune the supply and there are always different gas combinations that can be required. Have a look at the below gallery to give you an idea of the designs available.

All our products are available in BIM format to ease your design process. Click here or go to the individual product page and download from there.

We carry tons of experience and can guide in the right direction no matter the project.

The school laboratory images are supplied by the good people of A-Z Design & Furniture Solutions.

Arboles UK – Calling all Vulcathene & would be installers!

We’re adding content again!

For those that who are maybe new to Vulcathene in terms of fitting or the specifiers that just want to know a little bit more about how it all fits together – read and watch on!

Installing Vulcathene mechanical fittings in a nutshell, isn’t that much more difficult than your standard PVC pipework. The same principles apply. You start with the waste, move onto the bottle trap and into the pipework and maybe involving elbows, bends or tees. Occasionally you’ll have something like a clay trap if you’re installing into a school art room or an art studio for example.

If you’re in the R&D labs the you may have the traps with the borosilicate to allow users to inspect the debris that is left. Or maybe you’ll be using the drip cups in a fume cupboard.

After the above, then you’re into the pipework which takes the waste out of the labs and out to where it needs to go. The pipework is secured by using clips much like the standard PVC stuff. Vulcathene is BBA approved and made from Polypropylene which is impervious to the harshest of chemicals hence why it has been the leading laboratory / chemical drainage solution for the last how many years!

Arboles UK - Vulcathene beneath a sink
Arboles UK – A Vulcathene sample installation

Have a look at the below video, it is just shy of two and a half minutes and will give you a solid understanding as to what tools you need and how it all fits together.

Any questions, please get in touch with us via Contact us or on 0044 1204 388 814.

The introduction to Vulcathene installers guide

Arboles UK – Durapipe Vulcathene Chemical Drainage Installers Guide Now Online!

Arboles UK - Durapipe Vulcathene Logo

Building on our existing content we have uploaded an installers guide for the Vulcathene chemical drainage range.

Vulcathene chemical drainage is the market leading laboratory / chemical drainage product that takes waste from the sink right the way through to where it exists the building. The range features products like wastes, bottle traps, pipes and clay traps. There are variants on all these models with features like glass inspection bases and extendable / telescopic connection pipes on the popular anti siphon bottle trap. These all dovetail nicely with our range of laboratory taps and ceramic sinks.

The Vulcathene guide is a downloadable PDF document that gives you best practices for installing Vulcathene (and the Enfusion) set of products.

You can either get a copy via downloading from any of our Vulcathene products using the ‘Download’ button next to ‘Installation Instructions’ as illustrated below:

Or you can download directly from the following link:

For more information please do get in touch with us on 0044 (0) 1204 388 814.

The Arboles UK team.

On site and need access to installation instructions? Read on!

Arboles UK – Installation instructions for our emergency devices are available online.

You’re on site installing a product you’ve never seen before, the instructions have been lost somewhere. You’re picking up your colleagues work as they have gone on holiday (holidays – do you remember them?!) and the installation documents have been put in one of those safe places that you’ll never be able to find….. or all the documents you need have been thrown away with the packaging!

It happens, we know! We receive a steady number of calls that describe the above situations each month. As you all know by now we’re fanatical about customer service and we want to make life as simple as we can for our customers. SO….We’ve added a download ‘installation instructions’ button to our site to help you out!

You are now able to download BIM files, product datasheets and installation instructions from the buttons available on the product.

The emergency shower and emergency eyewash instructions are presented in the gold standard of documents – the PDF. You can zoom in and if you get stuck we’ve put all our contact details on there too!

Give one of our core products a try, the floor mounted shower and eyewash, the 4220!

The Arboles UK Team
T: 0044 (0) 1204 388 814
Contact Us

Arboles UK: Emergency Eyewash Considerations

Arboles UK - Emergency Eyewash being tested
A trigger operated emergency eyewash with a braided hose

When handling or using hazardous substances in workplace areas such as laboratories, factories, food manufacturing etc all organisations have a duty of care to keep their employees safe and offer the correct PPE should the unthinkable happen.

This is where you come in! So, you’ve landed a project to deliver a bunch of emergency eyewashes. Not sure where to start? Read on…. 

The purpose of any emergency device, be it an emergency shower or eyewash, is to provide the casualty with a constant flow of clean water until the chemical has been safely flushed or until suitably qualified medical help arrives. 

You’ll find there are two principal areas to be considered: 
1. Identify the right product set for your customers needs
2. Find the right location.
Both of these are pretty straightforward

What you need to be looking for is can the eyewash be accessed within 10 seconds when the casualty has impaired vision or mobility? If not, then more than one eyewash is required.  To add a bit more substance to this, the right location needs to be clutter free, easily accessible from at least 3 directions and be in a place where the casualty isn’t going to cause themselves more harm due to trip hazards or be impeded other equipment etc. 

In the world of emergency eyewashes, you have 2 possibilities – wall mounted or bench mounted eyewashes:

Wall Mounted

The wall mounted eyewash can take the feed through the wall or up the wall.

Bench Mounted

The bench mounted devices sit on the bench or can be recessed in the beniching and take the supply (normally) from beneath the bench. If you’re looking at installing a bench mounted eyewash in a school, then the 3000 is the one to go to as it can be used to wash down equipment too! 

Now you’ve got your product sorted, you know where the feed is coming from and you’ve checked to make sure that it’s situated away from any trip hazards, slip hazards, the casualty isn’t going to run into a glass cabinet etc! What else is there to know?

There are a couple of standards that look after the world of emergency devices and they are the America based ANSI, the European standard EN15154, the Spanish APPLUS and the German DVGW – which all our products meet and exceed – have a look at our Certifications. Warranty and customer service/support should be something else to consider from a supplier in case you run in to any problems and need a second pair of eyes.  

Need advice on making a decision for your product? Give us a call on 0044 (0)1204 388 814 or use the Contact Us page.